v1.4 Released!

Release Notes — WebCollect v. 1.4.0 (Feature Update & Bug Fix) Release Date: 1-Dec-2021 NOTES: Version 1.4 provides several feature enhancements and a bug fix: Allows files (PNG, JPG, TIF, PDF) to be uploaded and attached to an authorization and emailed as email attachments to the test results email Allows for validating email address when …

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v1.3 Released!

Release Notes — WebCollect v. 1.3.0 (Feature Update) Release Date: 11-Oct-2021 NOTES: Version 1.3 provides two feature enhancements: Allows updating of Organizational Settings for admin users Adds checkbox to email test results directly from e-signature module

v1.2 Released!

Release Notes — WebCollect v. 1.2.0 (Feature Update & Bug Fix) Release Date: 10-Sep-2021 NOTES: Version 1.2 provides a number of feature enhancements and one minor bug fix. Modification to test results email template The donor search page now has a results filter (page navigation and custom results per page menu) Improved results summary description …

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v1.1 Released

Release Notes — WebCollect v. 1.1.0 (Feature Update) Release Date: 27-Aug-2021 NOTES: Version 1.1 allows the ability to edit donor information from Donor View and allows for spaces to be added to the last name of a donor.

v1.0.0 has released!

RELEASE DATE: 20-Aug-2021 — WebCollect 1.0.0 has released the first major software version. Upon initial release the web-based software platform offers the following range of features to provide a paperless portal solution for drug testing sites and agencies, eliminating the need for carbon copy toxicology paper forms: Dashboard to track urine instant drug test results …

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